Classes Offered at 2TCBW


Stretch4Flex is a 1 hour class taught by Holly that specializes in strictly Stretch and Flexibility.  As we age including in our 30s we start to get a bit glued in our muscles -soft tissue which makes that getting up in the AM a little bit harder. We cant move as agile as we once did in our teens. It is a normal part of maturing. Our flexibility slowly  and silently gets less and less. The good thing is we can regain a lot of it back just by taking the time to Stretch. We find out it is much easier when you have an instructor just telling you what to do and doing it along with you than you saying “I know I need to stretch ” I just do not have the time,

Mat Pilates is a 1 hour class taught by Claudia that specializes in Strength and a bit of stretch. You will be put through rigorous disciplined floor exercises focusing on Breath and Core. You will use different tools along with working with Stalastics on the wall.  Our instructor truly likes to mix thing up a bit so you never feel in a rut.

Yoga  is a 1 hour class which is taught by Anna Nicloe that triggers the fine Art of Yoga and Breath. This class is Mind Body and Spirit, You will be taken through and variety of Positions and Poses that have been around for centuries. You will sometimes be engulfed in Aroma Therapy along with words of Wisdom.

Aerial Yoga These classes are are a business within our business Owned by Jessi Ray Wildroots Yoga. This class is performed on hanging silks. Yes you will be upside down at times but the strength you will acquire is incredible. It is Yoga off the ground. We are fortunate to have this discipline  in our Studio,

We also offer  Massage with 3 Therapists on staff.